CHANCES ARE BABY... I got the idea of writing this song from my own  experience of breaking hearts.  They would call me and send me flowers and I would just say thank you and move on.  

DRINK MY LIFE AWAY .. I got the idea of writing this song hanging out in Bars in my early years and watching folks at the bars, chatting about their marriage and relationship problems

GEAR HEAD.. I wrote this song for my husband that owns a 1997 Viper.   I figure that would give him the opportunity to drive his machine and bubble up the his mind and gears at the same time but not blame it on the Song or Me.   HA !  HA

GOODBYES... I wrote  this song about an Xboyfriend that I lived with for 4 years.  He was an abusive,  bought a house, diamond ring.    We all have scars don't we?

I'M JUST A COUNTRY BOY... I dated a guy with Blonde Hair, Green eyes.  He was in Love with me and I was not in Love wiith him.     He smoked Camel cigarettes, and chewed gum, little on the heavy side.

I wrote this song about a girlfriend of mine.   We use to Bar Hop 3 times a week.   She had long blonde hair and smoked cigarettes.    

 I wrote this song with the thoughts of Marriage some day.
 (Note):  They say 3 times is a CHARM???   Thinkiing I would meet Mr. Right some day.  In 2002 I met my husband on Match. Da Da Da on that Note

 I wrote this song with thoughts of hubby and me...   When we would fight,  husband left and I use to cry.   He would get mad and jump in his truck and storm down the road.   SOS RIGHT??  Now days leave ...  And don't come back





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